St Croix Hair Sheep
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St. Croix sheep are an attractive,
hardy, medium-sized, polled
(hornless), white hair sheep.

The Hair Coat
Their hair coat is smooth in
summer and thicker with mixed
hair and downy undercoat in
winter. They naturally shed their
coat and never require shearing.

Size of St. Croix
Mature rams sport a lion-like
mane that may fall down to the
knees. Mature rams weigh up to
200 lbs and ewes up to 150 lbs.
Birth weights for twins average
7 lbs.

St Croix sheep are active and
vigorous without any tendency to
be wild.

Parasite Resistance
They demonstrate greater
resistance to internal parasites
than do both wool sheep and
most other hair sheep breeds.

The ewes can breed back one
month after lambing, and
ewes can produce two lamb
crops per year. Ewes usually bear
twins, with some singles, frequent
triplets, and occasional
quadruplets; lambing rates vary
from 150-200%.

St. Croix Meat
Carcass composition of
St Croix is similar to that of
Rambouillet, but the St Croix have
a 23% higher carcass yield due to
smaller bone and less fat. The
meat is tender with a mild flavor.
As an unimproved breed, the St
Croix has slower growth rates
than many meat breeds, which
have been selected for rapid
growth and large body size. St
Croix are an ideal size.
April 2014 Lambs

Momma "Maggie" with Bonnie and weather

Momma "Katy" with Mary, Anna
and weather
Black Bear Kennel
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Our family has a small herd mainly to raise for our own consumption. We
found the flowing characteristics very appealing    

At times we may have some Lamb Ewes or Rams for sale or trade.   

Shane is also Starting his own herd With a ewe "Firecracker" due to lamb
this winter!!!!
Our EWES!!!!
Maggie                                                        Katy


Kellie                                                          Firecracker

Bonnie                                                       Mary

Bryce                                                                      Roy